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For Google Ads or GBP / GMB / maps

Successful marketing requires good data for clear decisions. 

Marketing campaigns fail when they operate in the ‘dark’ without the essential data about their market and competitors.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads are the first result people see when googling your services. Around 15-20% of all searches end up calling these Ads.

It is the fastest way to get high quality leads and appointments. Unlike facebook, tiktok, YouTube and other ad sources which are ‘interruption marketing’ Google Ads bring you more high intent leads – people actively searching for your services.

Since Google leads are higher quality, Ads can be competitive. To beat your competitors you need good data about what search terms are converting best, what your competitors are doing, etc. Otherwise you run ads ‘blind folded’ – an easy way to burn money.

We can run a detailed Google Ads report for your market in your location.

Click the buttons in the interactive screen below to see some examples.

Our report will highlight data such as:

  • Total number of advertisers in your marketing bidding for keywords (click the ‘Competitors‘ or ‘Search Competion‘ button below for an example
  • How each of your competitors ranks in terms of how many of their ads are viewed (click on any individual company in the lists to see details of where they rank in terms of the number of their ads that are being viewed)
  • Some of the top converting keywords for your market (click the ‘Keywords‘ button)
  • How many competitors are currently bidding on each of those keywords.(click the ‘Keywords‘ button)
  • Details of the top performing ads by your competitors (click the’Ads‘ button)
  • And more: (click any of the other buttons to explore some of the other types of information we can provide)

In addtion to the above we have detailed data about which keywords in your industry are converting and which keywords do not convert.

If you are already running Google Ads we can save you 20%+ on your existing campaign by excluding keywords from your campaign that waste your money because they never convert and replacing them with other words that we know convert consistently.

You can try it free for a month and test the savings.

2. Google Business Profile (Map) section

The Map section is the most prominent of the search results. Usually 50-60% of searchers end up calling one of the businesses listed in the top 3 ‘map pack’.

There is a huge difference in call volume between having your Google Business Profile (GBP -formerly GMB) in this top 3 and being 4 or below which are not visible unless someone clicks the ‘more businesses’ button.

This can become your best source of local, high quality leads over the long term. Since it is competitve it will normally take 3 or more months to make it into the map pack so many will simply give up. But with the right data you can get there and secure your business a long term source of high quality leads.

Our GBP (formerly GMB) report will help you see what you need to do to beat your competitors by comparing your GBP with the top 3 in your market and location.

We look in detail at a variety of ranking factors to show you what you will need to do to get into the ‘map pack’ and get more customers calling your business.

3. Organic Website section.

This remainder of page 1 generally lists 6 or so websites. These websites generally get the remaining 30% of calls. While there is a connection between your website and your Google Business Profile there are different strategies involved in getting each to rank on page 1.

One of the key issues that has become more significant is the importance of highly relevant backlinks to help your site rank better.

We can do a detailed analysis of your website including your links compared to your competitors, but we find best local results come by focusing on the Google Business Profile / maps section first, then improve the website ranking as part of this strategy.

To get more calls you could aim to be in ANY orALL 3 of these sections on page 1.

Since each section is competitive, like any competition you ‘win’ by looking first at what your competitors are doing, so you can work out the most efficient strategy to be in front of them.

To help you, choose which of our 2 FREE REPORTS you would like to see to analyze your local market and competitors for either Google Ads or Google Business Profile (Maps section).

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