Funnel Building

When we discuss the term ‘funnel’ in a digital marketing sense, we’re typically talking about the sales funnel and process that your clients undergo when encountering and engaging with you or your brand. This usually starts by raising awareness of your brand, product, or service, and marketing it in a way that draws in the attention of others and encourages them to interact with your company further. When an interest does interact with you, this is classified as successful lead conversion, but you’ll need more than some interested prospects to create business sales. That’s where funnel building comes in handy!

Funnel Building

Purchasing Habits

When developing your funnel, you’ll need to first research your prospective clients’ spending habits to get a better understanding of what kind of marketing you can and should offer for successful sales. For example, if you operate a landscaping company, you might find that clients are looking for landscapers that can do regular mowing and weeding, as well as leaf blowing and hedge trimming, all in one landscaping session. Or, you might find that some clients only want their lawn mowed twice a month. These purchasing and spending habits will help you tailor your services to their needs and better understand how you can offer your products and services to accommodate their demand. This is the start of your funnel.

Creative Content

Once you understand your clients’ needs, you can then develop creative content that will drive them in and encourage them to purchase from your business. Creative content is content that’s bespoke to your brand or business and the products or services that you’re offering, as well as custom to the audience you’re trying to market them to. You want your audience to feel special and reward them for engaging with your brand further – the reward being great service and quality products!

Audience Needs

What your audience needs isn’t always the same thing that they’re currently buying or looking to buy. This could be your opportunity to market your products and services and alter their interest to show them how and why they need what it is you’re offering. Perhaps you operate a retail company and you want to sell two products that go well together but clients are currently only interested in one of those two items. By marketing them together as a couple or set, you can then enhance your audience’s needs and drive up your sales even further. Understanding your audience’s needs can then lead to the middle and closing portion of your funnel, where the transaction takes place.

Ongoing Contact

Lastly, once the transaction is complete, you’ll want to find a way to stay in contact with your clients so that they can retain loyalty to your brand and continue to come back in the future for further products or services. If a client buys those two items you sold them previously and they enjoy them thoroughly, they’re more likely to come back for more and even supplement referrals, which can boost your overall leads and enhance your sales funnel.

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