Get more high quality leads by renting a website purpose built for your services and targeting your area


Here are 3 common problems many businesses face:

1. You need more customers
2. The website you have (or don’t have) is not bringing you enough customers
3. You could spend a lot of money building or improving your website, but it still might not bring you more customers

You can have a $10,000 website that looks amazing, but just sits on page 3 or more of Google, where no one ever finds you, since most people don’t search past page 1.
You have SEO marketers who email or call you every week with promises to get you to page 1, but many of them are scammers and you could give them money and not see the results you were hoping for.

What’s the Solution?
Customer Generating Website Rental
We know how to build websites that bring customers to you.
We can build a website and a Google Maps listing that brings in customers from high intent searchers in your area looking for the services you provide.
Instead of you having to buy it for a large amount up front, we can rent it to you for a small monthly fee plus a referral fee on any jobs you get from the website.
Here are 4 reasons why Customer Generating Website Rental is a great solution for you:

1. No risk way to get more customers

You need to do something to get more customers.
They won’t come if you do nothing.
But any action you take carries a risk.
You could spend a lot on paid ads or big lead companies but you may not make your money back.
You could pay a lot for a fancy website or for SEO but not get the results you want.
With our Customer Generating Website Rental you are taking a step to solve your problem, but there is no real risk for you.
You only pay a small upfront deposit, then as the customers come in you just pay a small referral fee for each job, just like you probably already offer people who refer jobs to you.
You should normally start to get calls from customers from about 90-120 days from when you pay your deposit.

Our Guarantee: If you have not at least received your deposit back in terms of profit from new jobs within the first 180 days (6 months), we will REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT IN FULL, so there is NO RISK for you.

If the website isn’t working for you, you can just cancel at any time.

There is no real risk to you in trying this method.

2. High potential profit

Google leads are recognised as the highest quality leads.
The leads that come to you from a well targeted, purpose-built website and Google maps listing are high intent.
You may have had a bad experience with paid ads before, but these are different.
These are people who are looking for your services in your area and want them soon, that’s why they’re searching.
These are people who choose to call your business, not a lead that’s also been sold to your competitors.
Imagine the profits you could make when you have regular phone calls, texts and emails from genuine customers wanting your services.

3. Convenient – avoid the difficulties of owning and ranking a website yourself

A lot of time, effort and money can go into building, maintaining, securing and ranking a website that brings in customers.
You need to have your site structured well, and running well.
You need to keep it secure from outside hackers.
You need to keep giving Google the information it needs so that it keeps seeing your website as the most relevant place to send people in your area who are looking for your services.
All this takes time and effort, even if you know what you are doing.
We take care of all that, freeing you to serve your customers.
It’s in our interest to keep the website up to date and ranking as well as possible, because WE only earn money if we keep making YOU money by sending YOU customers.

4. Payments match your growth and cash flow

Most website payment plans work backwards in terms of your business needs: you have to spend a whole lot of money up front to get your website built, or to get it ranking well.
But you may not have the cash flow to do that until you get more customers.
With our Customer Generating Website Rentals you only pay a small deposit up front, then you pay the referral fees when the jobs start coming in.
This makes a lot more sense for your cashflow because you’re able to pay our small referral fee out of the profits you’re generating from the customers we bring you.
In the future as you want to grow into other services or locations, we can grow your website to bring you customers in those services or areas too. Your website can grow with you.

For your business to grow you need to take action.
Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis wondering which marketing option you should choose to grow your business.
Take action with our Customer Generating Website Rentals which give you:
1. Low risk way to get more customers, with
2. High Potential Profit
3. Convenience – avoid the work of ranking your own website
4. Payment structure that matches your growth

Please Note:
1. After you pay your initial deposit YOU WILL NOT NEED TO PAY ANY MORE UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE THAT BACK IN PROFIT from jobs that have come to you from your website.
2. It will normally take 90-120 days for you to receive a return on your initial deposit due to the time it takes to build and rank the website. However once it is ranking well, THIS WILL DELIVER YOU A CONSISTENT STREAM OF HIGH INTENT LEADS. It makes sense to start soon to get this lead stream coming to your business as soon as possible.
3. We are only able to do this for a llimited number of customers each month and we will need to put the cost of the initial deposit up as the demand increases, so APPLY NOW TO SECURE YOUR LEAD STREAM AND YOUR LOW RATE.

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